Interactive Teaser Cat Ball with Attractive Catnip

Interactive Teaser Cat Ball with Attractive Catnip

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A Purrfect Play Teaser Toy for your lovely Cat!

The  Interactive Teaser Cat Ball with Attractive Catnip is made from catnip, wool & iron which ensures maximum entertainment for your cat alongside non-toxic harmless materials ensures safety and healthiness.
Built-in Catnip: The toy built-in catnip, which can stimulate your kitty's natural desire to stalk and hunt, helps cats clean teeth and remove tartar as they chew & play.
Inspires Original Nature: Exercise your cat's natural instincts to explore and thrive in the world around them with toys that stimulate all of their natural play needs.
Soft Texture: The toy is made of soft texture which is easy to bite & chase, can increase the excitement of pets.
Reducing Stress: Plenty of entertainment can effectively relieve cat's lonely mood, avoid your pet cat tearing up furniture and getting depressing.
Attractive & Funny: These toys have bright colors, can easier to draw your cat's attention & increase the excitement.

✔️ Material: Catnip, Wool, Iron

Package Includes:
1 x Interactive Teaser Cat Ball with Attractive Catnip 

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