Comfortable Fruit Tart Cat Bed

Comfortable Fruit Tart Cat Bed

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Get this cats' favorite cozy & plush lovely realistic shape fruit tart warm bed pad kennel that offers your pet a nice place to eat, play, sleep and rest in a comfortable warm place!

The decadent resting pie also comes in a 'non-eatable' chic tasteful toast shape bed with several little fruit pillows & cushions to prop those little paws on and fall asleep that won't let go your little kitty!

😻 COMFORT: Provides a fruitfully comfy place to sleep and hide

😻 QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Ultra-soft & superior quality construction that is generously filled and built-to-last.

😻 UNIQUE DESIGN: Fruit tart bed that blends in seamlessly with all your home décor!

    Package Includes:
    1 x Fruit Tart Warm Bed Pad Kennel (40 cm wide)
    5 x Little Fruit Pillows & Cushions

    **Due to high demand - our current delivery estimates: **
    12-24 Business Days to the USA & Canada
    18-36 Business Days to AU & UK
    30-60 Business Days to Mexico / South America 

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