Colorful Feather Bouncy Ball

Colorful Feather Bouncy Ball

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Colorful Feathery Bouncy Ball

Have you seen cats play with yarn balls? How about feathers and bells? They go absoutely crazy rolling balls and attacking feathers. With this colorful feathery ball you will be able to upgrade your cat's experience to a whole new level.

Your cat can chew, fetch and play with it. It is bright multicolored with a feather and bell making it irresistible to your cat. Your cat is sure to have fun and be entertained.

Available in two different colors: Pink Feather and White Feather

**Due to high demand - our current delivery estimates: **
12-24 Business Days to the USA & Canada
18-36 Business Days to AU & UK
30-60 Business Days to Mexico / South America 

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