Automatic Rotating Cat Teaser Laser Toys

Automatic Rotating Cat Teaser Laser Toys

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Satisfy Your Cat's Need for Exercise & Keep Them Healthier

This teaser tool is an ideal mimic hunting training tool. It is an interactive cat toy that keeps your cat busy. It features a random laser trajectory and two fluffy balls that instigate your pet to play.


The pawsome rotating laser toy will keep your pet happy and healthy even when you are not around. It provides physical & mental stimulation and keeps your furry friend busy.


✅ ENTERTAINING: Your cat will love to chase the erratically moving, fluttery feather toy. Helps entice the pet to hunt, dart, pounce, and chase

✅ AUTOMATIC ROTATING: Unidirectional rotation & random movement appeals to the natural hunting instinct of cats

AUTOMATIC TIMER: Featured with time shut off automatic timer to prevent overtiring from self-play

✅ INTERACTIVE TOY: Chasing the fluttery feather wand is stimulating physical and mental exercise

✅ SAFER TO USE: Made with 50 percent recycled post-consumer plastic give the eco-advantages


  • Material: Plastic
  • Power: Battery Operated
  • Product Size:10.80cm x 7.30cm x 10.00cm

Package Includes:
1 x Automatic Rotating Cat Teaser Laser Toys

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