Cat Carrier Portable Travel Bag

Cat Carrier Portable Travel Bag

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No more worry about leaving your cat behind!

You can conveniently carry your cat anytime anywhere in this pawsome travel bag

The sling cat carrier bag is easy to carry. They can be used as a handbag or single-shoulder sack. It covers the entire body of the cat just keeping the head outside. Its strap loop collar design ensures the safety of your feline friend. The velcro strap keeps them secure and prevents the cat from escaping or rushing out when opening.

You can easily carry your furry friend in this bag. Just open the zipper across the bottom of the pouch and pull the roomy collar over your pet's head. Use pet carrier soft sling bag to keep your little pet safe and comfortable while traveling.

CONVENIENT: Easy to fold & sling design help to easily carry your pet

SAFETY: Strap and loop hook ensures the safety of your cat

✅ CARRYING WEARING: Bottom zipper closure system allows easy in and out of the bag

PAW OPENING: Make clipping nails safe and easy

✅ UNIVERSAL: Ideal for any size cat or kitty. One size fits all.

✅ SCRATCH PROOF: Sturdy tear-proof texture keeps pet's claws from jabbing through. This will enable you to easily carry your cat anyplace without being damaged.


  • Material: Canvas
  • Capacity: 10 kg
  • Size(LxW): 58cm x 48cm

Package Includes:
1 x Cat Carrier Portable Sling Bag

**Due to high demand - our current delivery estimates: **
12-24 Business Days to the USA & Canada
18-36 Business Days to AU & UK
30-60 Business Days to Mexico / South America 

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