Charity Collection


We created this store because like yourself we are cat lovers! Our very first cats we've ever adopted were both rescue cats from shelters and we are hoping that your next cat/kitten will be a rescue as well! Every year over 41,000 cats enter shelters and never leave due to lack of funding. 

Our Charity Collection was created with partners to help save animals in need. Our partners provide us discounted bulk pricing allowing us to donate as much as possible to these causes. So when we promote these items, the more we sell, the more we can give! Be proud knowing that % of your purchase for these products goes towards helping animals in need. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to animal shelters, providing them resources to feed and end homelessness for stray animals.

Here are a list of charities that are important to us: (Please let us know of others that are important to you as well, we will continue to expand on our list)

Our Rescues!

Meet Cheeto (because of his color!):

Meet Gimps (he had a slight limp in his leg because of abuse):

Thank you for helping and with much love.

ThePurrShop Team