Comfy Women's Cat Hoodie Sweater

Comfy Women's Cat Hoodie Sweater

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Do you want to bring your cats closer to your to the next level? This thoughtfully designed hoodie allows your cat to rest in your front pouch like a baby kangaroo. Warm and fluffy, your cat will be in cloud nine when you snuggled and cuddle it in your hoodie pouch. With the furry ball accessories dangling on the hoodie, you can use that to get your cat's attention and play with it. Not only that, you can wear this hoodie and bring your cat out for a walk in the park too! There isn't a need to leash it anymore. 

*Sizes tend to run smaller so order 1 size up or reference the sizing below*

Fabric: Cotton and Polyester
Weight: 700 grams (1.54 pounds)
Colors: Gray, Black, Pink


**Due to high demand - our current delivery estimates: **
12-24 Business Days to the USA & Canada
18-36 Business Days to AU & UK
30-60 Business Days to Mexico / South America 

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