Cat Claw Self-adhesive Protect Pads

Cat Claw Self-adhesive Protect Pads

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Is Your Cat Scratching Furniture?

Cat Claw Self adhesive Protect Pads are high quality, clear and flexible vinyl panels that attach to upholstered furniture with specialized pins to provide long-lasting protection from cat damage.

Transparent & invisible protection: You can now keep your cat from scratching your furniture, without destroying their aesthetic appearance and the overall décor of your house.
✅  Fit for anything: Leather, wood, suede and more, these unobtrusive and reliable cat scratch guards won't disappoint you!

  Flexible, scratch proof & durable: Cat Claw Self adhesive Protect Pads are high quality, pliable, flexible and clear vinyl. The vinyl is thick enough to deter scratching and flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture, stop cat claws from shredding your couch.
  Easy to use: You don't need a handyman or sophisticated tools to install our innovative anti-scratch equipment. You can easily attach the extra-thick and durable vinyl to your couch, armchairs, or other pieces of furniture.
  Cut to size: Design with size 47*15 cm/18.50*5.91'' to suit your needs of any furniture. Choose the maximum protection for your furniture like a couch, chair, sofa, recliner or car seat. Besides that, you can cut them to size if needed as well.

Package includes:
- 2x Cat Claw Self-adhesive Protect Pads

**Due to high demand - our current delivery estimates: **
12-24 Business Days to the USA & Canada
18-36 Business Days to AU & UK
30-60 Business Days to Mexico / South America 

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