"Trying To Get My $hit Together" Casual Printed T-shirt

"Trying To Get My $hit Together" Casual Printed T-shirt

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No Matter How Badly You Messed Up Cover-Up & Move On

Regardless of how hard you try, you just can't get your poop together. Life's hard and all days are not the same. Show your constant struggle to the world with this awesome printed t-shirt.

Take a lesson from your feline friend; Cover up the bad $hit, dust off those paws and move on. This shirt will tell the world that this crap will get got, one way or the other. You may not be purr-fect, but at least you’re trying to get your $hit together.

😻 SHOW YOUR CATTITUDE: Tell the world your ever trying improving characteristics with this printed t-shirt

😻 STAY POSITIVE: Don't think how badly you messed up; just try to make things right

😻 COMFY: High-quality cotton material provides ultra-comfort while you get your $hit together!

    Package Includes:
    1 x "Trying To Get My Shit Together" Casual Printing T-shirts

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    12-24 Business Days to the USA & Canada
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